Beverly J. Whittington is a well known author of articles and books on training and riding gaited horses. She is known for her numerous contributions to many popular horse magazines as well as the informational site online gaitedhorses.net. She is currently doing a column in the Western Horse UK.
An animal lover, she fosters for a rescue in her county and has an ongoing love of turtles and tortoises. Although she does not own any, as she thinks are meant to be free. She has been known to stop on a highway to remove a turtle from the road, to the vast annoyance of passengers.

Beverly was born to a career Army family and moved often throughout her childhood and teens. She has lived most of her life in the southern half of the USA. Beverly is an avid reader of Fantasy and SF for almost four decades. Her début novel Dragon Soul is the opening book of the series Dragons in the Mist. 

Dragons in the Mist is a fantasy tale of an epic struggle for the survival of the Palmir People. The story centers about the Vedic clan, that serves as a place to mentor Dragon Souls and Hosts, humans who transform into dragons. Dragons are on their side, but the creatures that seek their annihilation outnumber them 50 to one. Magic, Humans transforming into dragons and the dragons that are not shifters are on the Palmir People’s side.

Book one - Dragon Soul - covers the surprise transformation of one of the youths in the village leads to a journey to find him. The search uncovers more than the lost dragon, the key to saving their entire civilization. If they realize it in time..